What is a zine, you ask?  (Well, some of you may ask.)  A zine is essentially a self-produced magazine.  They are often photocopied, sometimes handwritten, and filled with whatever the creator wants.  Zines are often devoted to one particular topic, such as a band, a lifestyle, poetry, or any other topic someone wants to spend their time writing about.  The beauty of the zine, for me at least, is that it is filled with the writing you  want to produce.  You don’t have to answer to teachers or publishers or deadlines.  Don’t feel like fixing typos?  Who cares?  Don’t like typing at all?  Then don’t!  But remember this: if you want people to read your zine, they are going to recognize how much effort you put into it.  If you fill it with haphazard crap, someone might lose interest quickly.  Or won’t pick it up at all.  Your zine should be quintessentially you.  I encourage anyone who likes to write to produce at last one issue of a zine in your lifetime.  It doesn’t have to be pretty and perfect.  Photocopy it at Kinkos.  Or at work.  Hand it out to people you know.  Ask a local bookstore to carry it.  Trade it with other zinesters you find on the internet.  Creating a zine is a fun, creative, powerful form of self-expression.  Below you will find some more info, articles, and zine randomness.

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