Here are a few projects that can be used in classrooms and media centers along with my book, Toby and the Snowflakes:

Snowflake Unit

How many of you study weather?  This project can be as basic or as in-depth as you like.  After you teach your students about the scientific properties of snow and snowflakes, have each student write a letter to Toby (he’s waiting by his mailbox!) explaining to him how his snowflake friends are formed, how they melt away, and how they return.  Display the letters on a snowflake covered bulletin board.

Snowflake Stories

For younger students (kindergarten and first grade), read Toby and have the students brainstorm games that they like to play in the snow on this handy snowflake worksheet.  Or, if your students are already writing, have them write about their favorite snow game on this handy lined snowflake worksheet.

Snowflakes on Paper

There are several great websites that teach you how to make your own paper snowflakes.  Here are just a few of them:

Paper snowflake instructions

Make online snowflakes

Fancy snowflake instructions

Purchase a membership for loads of snowflake patterns.  Start with some free samples!

Loads of paper snowflakes projects and activities


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